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Chris D. - Founder/ Lead Game Designer

Age: 20 (Almost 21)

Experence: Been a game designer for 7 almost 8 years... use to program now just designs games, 14 years as a artist

 Nicknames: Amiltu, Chao, Whitey

Hobbies: Playing and making video games, making web pages, girl friend, swords, TV



Jose M. - Co-founder/ Game Designer

Age: 19(Almost 20)

Experence: 4 years game designing, forever as a artist

Nicknames: Twilight, Panda, Lights

Hobbies: Playing games, thinking of werid things, TV



Jaryth F. - Web Designer/ Programing/ Graphical Design/ 3D Modeling

Age: 20

Experence: Lots of years as a web designer and  6 years of Programing/ Graphical Design, 3D Modeling

Nicknames: Jaryth, Jaryth000

Hobbies:  General nerdy stuff, games, web designing, 3D modeling and rendering, learning, doing stuff just because I can (What? TF2 running in Linux though Wine? Yes please XD), women, fixing things, hacking things, helping people.



Josh T. - Game Designer

Age: 26

Experence: Random stuff here and there

Nicknames:Reverend Nos

Hobbies: >.> still dont know fully :P


Kyle D. - Ideas/ Browser Games

Age: 19(almost 20)

Experence: Random stuff here and there

Nicknames:Phate, VampCloud, kyled

Hobbies: >.> still dont know fully :P