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Welcome to White Light Designs.

I have enter into Microsoft's Dream Build 2009, so all other games are on hold till auguest, sorry everyone but this is a really big chance for me and White Light Designs, wish me luck :D


White Light Designs is a small indie Game Developer that makes Xbox 360 games and Microsoft Windows games with the XnA game Studio Software. Currently in the works we have 3 upcoming titles that are being worked on. A MMOG(Project Mayham), Towers of the Lost(A Tower Defence Game) and Day of Dawn(A RPG). We also have a wiki avaible that will show case a lot of the work being done on those 3 titles but its still being worked on to be released. Check back soon and look for updates on these 3 games :D

Update 04-08-09 Chao

Sorry guys and gals but I had to take Fate-Online site off the sidebar lol sorry. the site is still there located Here but it wont be on the site for a while, been working on Dragon's Eye a lot working on the story atm, might be stoping work on Fate-Online all together for the time being and start a new project to tie into Dragon's Eye... More information on that later haha... keep your browsers tuned to White Light Designs for more information.

Update 03-21-09 Chao

Not really a small update, I got most of the information for all the pages down and looking good so far. I'm thinking bout making Towers of the Lost into a RTS instead of a Tower Defense game.... Still can't deside : \ anyways more updates to come, trying to get the offical website up and working at full speed too... Oh man i got lots to do.